Calling Myself Out

One of my goals is to be transparent about my values and how I turn those values into reality. I shared this in my weekly newsletter, and it bears sharing again here.

For years now, the yoga world has been my comfortable space — familiar, known. I have yoga studios where I have taught for years, communities and people who take my classes and come back for more, and places I can rely on to host events. It’s simple. It’s easy. Everyone knows me.

When I started hosting energy de-stressing classes, the part of me that wanted the easy route at a yoga studio with a built-in audience was SO LOUD. I had to hold my own feet to the fire and listen to the quiet voice of commitment. I am committed to increasing access to the work I do with communities of color and LBGTQ+. That means holding events where people live, and for people of color in Seattle, that is south. By hosting events in South Seattle, I make it easier to get to my classes, and I get to work in spaces committed to the same mission.

It's also where I live. Making this change has expanded my understanding and experience of community in so many ways, and added so much joy to my life. I am thrilled to share my next location for Energy Essentials: From Stress to Ease.

The Hillman City Collaboratory November 8, 2018 6:30-8:30 p.m.

The Collaboratory and I are aligned on mission and vision. It’s in South Seattle. They commit their space to community, service, and connection. I am so excited to call the Collaboratory co-hosts of my event. The tools in this workshop are the best ones I know for clearing trauma and experiences that live in our bodies.

Please join - registration is available here. If you are in need of financial support, send me a note. My goal is to make this workshop accessible to anyone who needs support.

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Photos: Chris Danielle; Erika Schultz, Logo: Live Big Co.