Meet Nicole Tsong

I’ve done so much self-help, so why am I so unhappy?

I dove into teaching yoga, therapy, meditation and took endless trainings. I spent years trying different things to feel better. I was sure I had all the tools I needed, especially after I was brave enough to leave a successful reporter gig to become a yoga teacher.

By all appearances, I was smashing my new career. I had a great following, was respected in my new role, taught yoga at the White House, had a column for my old newspaper and was proud of going after what I wanted.


...I was also juggling three jobs. And the job I really wanted, the one that was calling my name beyond all the others  — to write and publish a book — still felt completely out of reach. I had no time. I worked 60 hours a week.


I had never written a book. I had no agent, no publisher, and no idea how to get either.

The only way to get more time was to quit the yoga job, which provided ALL the security — healthcare, steady paycheck, lots of benefits.

Writing the book felt beyond unattainable. As though it would take me 10 years to get there.

I had already left a thriving career as a reporter for a life teaching yoga, writing and working for myself. I thought I had made the big leap. Yet I was still lost, stuck, miserable. I had to do something. So I quit the job and wrote.

Four months later, the email popped up in my inbox.

“Nicole, are you interested in meeting to talk about a series of books on yoga?”



Two highly successful books later, and a third on the way.

I’m here to tell you that is how goals work. Always. You have an idea, you trust yourself, you go for it.

If you’re wondering if there is more out there for you, the answer is a resounding yes. I've been there.

I excel at seeing what is getting in your way, and know the tools to clear those blocks away.

I get to the point. I say what you need to hear.

The time to start is right now. Read more on my blog or book me to get started.

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Photos: Chris Danielle; Erika Schultz, Logo: Live Big Co.