You know how to go after what the world says you should want.

But when it comes to your secret dreams and goals — the ones everyone else may not understand — you stop short.


Maybe you secretly want to leave a high-flying corporate gig to become a yoga teacher.


Maybe you dream about pulling your kids from traditional school to travel the world.


Or maybe it’s leaving a thriving medical practice to start a knitting business.


It doesn’t make any sense to anyone else, but the idea, the vision, the goal won’t leave you alone.


It's still sitting there, on the sidelines, waiting for you to say yes.


And until you take action, that's where it will stay. Off in the distance. Someday, maybe.


Or you can do it now.

Enter Guts, Glory, Goaled

This is a 90-day experience designed to get you back in touch with who you really are and what you want.


This isn’t just about accomplishing goals. It’s deep work to guide you to connect with yourself, get honest about your dreams, and stepping into that life now.


We do energy work, visioning exercises, daily work to tap back into your intuition and keep that clarity so you get what you want.


But first, you have to admit that what you have isn’t enough for you.


Guts, Glory, Goaled is where you get honest and go for it. It’s for you if you want:

  • A clear, actionable set of steps to bring your vision and secret dreams into reality.

  • To know how to trust to your gut, and how to ignore naysayers. (Yup, that includes your partner, your mom and/or your best friend.)

  • To finally DO something about that dream.

  • To have a STRONG relationship with yourself, where you implicitly trust yourself and know how to get back on track if you get waylaid by fear.


This 90-day program was designed to allow you to dream bigger than ever before. Through powerful energy clearings and deep inner work, Guts, Glory, Goaled is here to show that YOU can change your life.


I’m here to show you that you already have the answers, how to access them, and how to put them into play​.


How do I know this work works?


I was you.


I went from someone who lived according to what I thought I was supposed to do. I was a journalist, determined to climb the newspaper ladder one rung at a time, moving around the country according to the rules made up by somebody else.


After years of writing about other people’s trauma, politics and death, I realized I no longer wanted to follow that path. I reinvented myself several times since, as yoga teacher, author and entrepreneur.


Energy work and mindset taught me to trust to my gut, pay attention to the call put out in front of me and to follow it, even when it felt terrifying (because it always does.)​


This work has allowed me to move my parents across the country, publish two books with a third underway, and helped me launch my own business. I now set goals that send me flying out of bed in the morning.

How do you get what you want most in life?

Do something about it.


One more thing.

I didn't do it by myself. No way. I needed help.


STOP trying to do it on your own.


Support made all the difference for me. We need guidance and accountability to get there faster and easier.


Which is exactly why I created...​


Guts, Glory, Goaled

We start March 4.


Inside, you get:

  • Three 1:1 sessions with Nicole (Value: $2,000)

  • Six group sessions to set your vision and goals, and incorporate daily energy work (Value: $1,800)

  • Three customized action plans, based on our 1:1 work (Value: $1,000)

  • Weekly session materials for deeper work (Value: $300)

  • A private Facebook community with like-minded people on the same journey (Value: Priceless)


Total Value: $5,100

Your investment: $1,997

Plus $1150 in bonuses:

  • Five meditations to help you stay connected to yourself and trust your inner guidance (Value: $300)

  • Two yoga audio trainings to destress and restore (Value: $150)

  • How to Use Essential Oils to be in Action, Set Intention and Create Your Daily Mindset with Chelle Swierz (Value: $150)

  • Daily mindset checklist to keep you on track (Value: $50)

  • Unleashing Your Inner Writer workbook to reignite your creativity (Value: $100)

  • Guide to Moving Your Body Every Day workbook (Value: $100)



Doors are closed.

$1997 (Or six installments of $350)

How It Works

In addition to bi-weekly group sessions, you receive tasks to keep you on track plus 1:1 work with Nicole.


Month 1

  • 1:1 Energy Work with Nicole, to clear blocks, heal old pain and limiting beliefs.

  • Group Session 1: Guts — This is the work of learning trusting yourself, so you can be who you are, use your voice and go for what you want.

  • Group Session 2: Clarity — Deeper work to release your past and limiting beliefs, and learning how to do this work on a regular basis quickly.


​​Month 2

  • 1:1 Energy Work with Nicole, to tune in to what you want, trust your body and execute on goals.  

  • Group Session 3: Stress to Ease — Where you learn the art of daily energy work to keep you on track and unblocked, and clear stress and unease.

  • Group Session 4: Glory — Understanding the power of the universe and how to tap in any time you want, to help you further ease stress and fear.


​Month 3

  • 1:1 Energy Work with Nicole, to release suffering and old stories about proving your worth.

  • Group Session 5: Your Upgrade — Choosing to BE your next level self, no longer accepting a bigger life or hiding your essence.

  • Group Session 6: Goaled​​ — A close look at the power of language to help you create the life you say you want. Installing new beliefs and embodying them every day.

About Nicole


Nicole is a former reporter, and yoga teacher who has taught at the White House, turned author and coach. After years of depression and lack of fulfillment, she left her prestigious career to find herself and what would make her happy.


The journey took her to coaching, energy healing — and profound joy. She now spends her days helping people find what lights them up.


Her specialty is guiding you to trust yourself, so you can be honest about what you want and actually do something about it.

You have an idea, you trust yourself, you go for it.


If you’re wondering if there is more out there for you, the answer is a resounding yes.

She created Guts, Glory, Goaled​​ to help you see what is possible when you choose to go for it. Bonus: You don’t have to do it alone.


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What others say about working with Nicole...

Nicole has that rare ability to really see her students and mentees and tailor her tools and advice to the needs in front of her… Nicole changed the frame from right-or-wrong, and got me to focus instead on freedom. What would be possible for me when I focused on creating freedom, instead of worrying about achieving correctness? It changed everything, and helped me shift to a different level of empowerment and confidence. She freed me to start to be myself, the best version of myself I could imagine. I have Nicole to thank for her commitment to my learning, for her ability to really see me and assess what would most inspire and teach me, and for the great tools she brought my way.

- Zahr Said, Seattle, WA

Nicole has a deep knowledge and intuition of leadership and development principles, which have helped me grow in my yoga teaching, my relationship and my career. She is thoughtful and kind, but provides feedback and insight that is authentic and productive. She has helped me to recognize many things that hold me back in my life and belief system and also where I excel. I honor and respect her professional and personal viewpoint and hope to work with her for the rest of my life in many different modalities.

- Devon Healey, Berlin, Germany

Nicole is very dear to me. We have been working together for the past 5 years and I have benefited greatly from her support and direction. I was originally drawn to working with Nicole because of the energy and certainty that she exuded – and that remains true today. I am certain that my life path has been elevated because of working alongside Nicole.

- Chris Bachman, Seattle, WA

Working with Nicole offers me a framework and a lens through which I feel empowered to create the life I want to have. I find myself bringing up the work in conversations with friends, parents, and even my boss at my current tech job. Nicole has an incredible gift as a leader, and I hope to have her as a mentor for a very long time.

- Norah Davis, Seattle, WA

Nicole is a powerful teacher and a fierce leader. She has an extraordinary way of making the hard work laughter-filled and fun. She empowers me to dream big — to see my gifts, acknowledge my fears, know my goals and to never settle for anything less than the best version of myself.

- Kara Mortellite, Seattle, WA

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