The answer is within.

Things I know about you...

  1. You are driven. You are smart and savvy. You work hard. You work SO HARD, and much of the time, you also feel like you are working for others — your job, your partner, your kids, your dog, your kitty.

  2. You know there is a better way, and you have things you know you want to put into action — getting to the gym, going for a run, meditation, having time with your partner, cooking your meals — instead of surviving your day and your to-do list.

  3. You are ready for a transition, be it in the way you relate to your partner, in your health, or in your career. You know it is time, and you are ready to figure it out.

  4. You know there is guidance out there in the universe.

  5. You are tired of feeling lonely.

  6. You are tired of questioning your choices.

  7. You are tired of being stressed out.

  8. You want to trust again — yourself, people, the world.

I am here to teach you the tools you need to navigate your life, know

your purpose, and put it into action.

I’m Nicole. I’m here to keep you on course, to show you your future is

not only possible, it is wildly exciting and full of everything you ever

wanted. I am here to make sure you know exactly how to walk through

the fire, to be your personal accountability buddy, to be your biggest
fan, to
show you how to tap your intuition, to know your highest self, and

to trust yourself every day.

Work with me and you will:

  • Know why you are on this planet and what you are here to do. You have a purpose, and it is time for you to know it.

  • Come out fired up, ready for what’s next, and with a clear map for the next 10 years, packed with exciting, specific, big goals.

  • Understand what has been holding you back from setting those goals.

  • Clear your past and have a new relationship with your body’s energy fields.

  • Understand that nobody can do what you are here to do.


Ready? Let’s go.



Coaching Package



Energy Upgrade




Investment: $4497

 3 installments of $1550







3 installments of $750

How it Works

- Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with Nicole

Each week, we will do energy work paired with vision and goal work to move you past your biggest blocks, so you can see the goals that already are within you. You will have daily practices to keep yourself connected and listening to your intuition for the entire time until it is simply the way you roll.

- Detailed session summary

You will receive weekly emails recapping the work we did during our sessions.

- Weekly homework

Includes practices, exercises, reading assignments, and accountability tools.

- Daily energy + ritual practices and tools

A special 1:1 session is dedicated to energy tools that you will be using throughout our time together.

- Unlimited support via Marco Polo for 3-month and VIP packages.

You will have direct access to Nicole via video on the Marco Polo app.

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Photos: Chris Danielle; Erika Schultz, Logo: Live Big Co.